"Candy-Rock Couture" is a one woman, hand-made custom clothing line with designs that are equal parts punk rock power and fairy tale girlishness designed and created by me, Harmony Corbett, out of a need for a new look in the punk and street-wear scene that I really wanted to wear! Always sexy and punk rock with a twist of zippers, chains and studs.
I make clothes for gals in the rock -n- roll industry or for those of us who just wish we were! I mix assertive patterns, bright colors, and token punk staples such as hot pink and black with ribbons and bows, lace and ruffles, zippers, chains and studs, etc to create a unique fashion statement in the street fashion scene.

Punk Clothing, Rock Clothing, Fetish Clothing. "Candy-Rock Couture" is Clothing for Fashion Freaks! Care to be different? Then these clothes are perfect for you! A super unique brand for individuals and independent thinkers! Mix and match different clothes for a way killer style.

Inspired by candy, rock, rap, color, new york street, love, the 80's and underground style; my clothes are youthful but sexy, unique, urban, quirky, witty & above all fun! "Candy-Rock Couture" is for everyone who doesn't fit in or go beyond being known as just a skater, goth, punk, emo or rockabilly. There are no business formulas or strategies here just straight up sincere passion for what I do, everything is done for the right reasons and most importantly done with heart; catering for those who look for a unique edge in their image.

"Candy-Rock Couture" are designs for people who don’t want to blend in. Maybe they’re attention whores...or media whores... or Fashion whores. It’s a little loud and definitely more than just a little bit rock n’ roll. Go ahead. Embrace your inner whore..be a punk-rock princess with "Candy-Rock Couture!"*** Fashion that is loud, sweet music to your ears!*** For people who don't just KNOW trends, they SET them!

Harmony ;)

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