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First and foremost, I'm a Christian and realize that none of this is and never would be possible without God and Jesus and I must thank them first! Then of course I have to thank my ever so loving, supportive and most Special MOM in the WORLD who has always been by my side since day ONE and never has and never WILL ever give up on me! Thank you and I love you!! I also have to thank my lovingly, gifted, supportive, creatively talented boyfriend, Chris, who sacrafised countless weekends going to my fashion shows and helping out on photo shoots and who always stood by my side!

I thank my Dad and big bro's, all my talented photographers, makeup artists, music coordinators, assistants and a special shout out to the artistically talented girl who made this website, Chelsea Tavis ;) and another Special Shout out to ALL of the following Models who are a part of the "CANDY-ROCK COUTURE" MODEL TEAM!! THANK YOU!! I LOVE YOU ALL AND LOOK FORWARD TO MANY MORE FUN TIMES!! Muah!!

Harmony ;)

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